The Lonely Wizard

by Rildrim



The Lonely Wizard is Rildrim's debut album. Composed in 2006, it set the foundations of Rildrim's work in its quest of the syntactical nature of music, the mystery of creation and the amazing relationships between hierarchical elements within a personal universe of peaceful and seductive sonic imprints. This work is a metaphor about the power of creativity as a way of personal development and empowerment intended to reach a state of strength, peace and balance in a world dominated by a repressive and limiting culture.


released October 1, 2006

Lyrics by Carlos Butler




Rildrim Spain

Ambient/Downtempo/Chill Out

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Track Name: Into the wild
Beyond the world of men
and its self inflicted fractures
There are spirits that linger
in molecular structures

The mute world of the plants
becomes a new dimension
Where vegetable messengers
travel through mental extensions

There's no room
for imperfection or flaws
Everything obeys
to aesthetical laws

Streams of visible language
and energy fluctuations
Visions of structures
complex beyond imagination

Forces ancient as time
entangled within the fabric of nature
The scope of their call is big...
their wisdom is greater
Track Name: Cosmic Rebirth
The night stretches
its ethereal border
Unraveling stars
from their intricate order

Gardens of violent light
Realms of solitude
Deadly indifference is the sign
of its cosmic magnitude
Track Name: Magic tools
Breaking through
beyond the boundaries of expectation
The world appears naked...
free from personal limitations

The speech becomes tangible
and sound a material force
Words with visual properties
return to their source

Breaking chains
of invisible prisons
Ahead of our time,
divining the seasons
Track Name: Simbiotic objects
We are here to perform
on the stage of the unreal
Where the frontiers are elusive
and the boundaries disappear

The birds of our most remote past
evoke the infancy of a lost tongue
Visions, shapes and structures
summoned by an ancient song
Track Name: Sound Drops
The subtle echo
of a distant call
Signals peace
like a waterfall

Filling the vacuum
with transcendental instructions
Speaks a language
made of space and time fractions
Track Name: The Lonely Wizard
Alone and empty
drifting at the edge of time
Nature is a temple
and the universe his mind

Nameless beast without memories
heading toward the stars
Surrounded by distant visions
of inter planetary sparks

Loved from the distance...
feared by those who look into his eyes
Unreachable like the sun
slippery and solid like melting ice

Unable to submit to terrestrial rules,
morals or cultural codes...
Traveling across dreams
and luminescent roads