Poetry of the Unnamed

by Rildrim



Composed and recorded during the second half of 2011, Poetry of the Unnamed is an album conceptually based on the idea of music as a kind of poetry capable of expressing, describing and depicting feelings, sensations and ideas in a way that language is not able to. Through the use of a unique universe of sonic imprints and an endless vocabulary of rhythmic and harmonic symbols based on a much less functional syntax only bound to a poetic and dramatic will, the musical discourse is able to soar there where no other artistic discipline can even dream of reaching. With the mastery of that homogeneous mass of floating and evolving sound that is becoming Rildrim’s unmistakable mark, this album tell us about things for which there still are no words.


released December 15, 2011

Lyrics by Carlos Butler
Album artwork by Oko Laa




Rildrim Spain

Ambient/Downtempo/Chill Out

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Track Name: We Live in the Imagination
I belong to a remote realm
Where fear and hope are only shadows of an extinguished world
Life spreads across vast spaces through countless forms and colors
Imagination waters all sort of intelligent entities making them grow in complexity and intuition

We live in the imagination,
Merging space and time and dissolving the nexus between us and the empirical world
The sky is the mirror of our fulfilled aspirations and the arena of our spiritual fights
And nature speaks a language familiar to us
Track Name: Poetry of the Unnamed
I seek a poetry of the unnamed
in which the mystery of life and language
are tied and ingrained

Visions of distant worlds and possible fates
of countless imagined lives
waiting behind the dream gates

Rituals of transformation and cosmic rebirth
describing the nature of the bottomless
and its relation to the planet earth

Worlds made of language and information based life forms
seeking to communicate with each other
through conceptual patterns and syntactical norms

Self organized structures of immaterial beings
defining the essence of the cosmos
giving life to matter and voice to the mute things