Fractal Universe

by Rildrim



Rildrim's fourth album Fractal Universe was composed and produced between January 1 of 2010 and April 10 of 2011.
At the beginning the concept behind it was merely the cosmos and its ancient relation to music, but at the later stages of its creation the idea of the fractal as an object or quantity that displays self-similarity on all scales was added and merged with the original idea to turn it into the concept of fractal universe, which is one of the several theories used to explain the nature of the cosmos. The music is very atmospheric and ethereal, full of ambient pads, synthetic textures, subtle grooves and deep basses with a poetic and descriptive quality that evokes vivid cosmic scenes through complex sonic structures and harmonies. The album is composed out of five tracks of approximately ten minutes each one and its very recommendable for meditation, recreational purposes or just as a background for a relaxing or intimate environment.


released April 10, 2011

Album artwork by Oko Laa




Rildrim Spain

Ambient/Downtempo/Chill Out

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Track Name: Cosmic Choir
Shades of vibrant green flood the pale forest
Light reverberates across the empty space
Ripples intersect expanding waveforms in the water
The geometry of the afternoon perfects its shapes.

A dream freezes before sinking under the empty hour
And visions that soar like clouds with the wind
Omnidirectional threads of will to power
At infinite scales the eternal wheel spins.