Dreamed Rules

by Rildrim



Considered by many as Rildrim’s masterpiece up to date, Dreamed Rules is an album that takes Rildrim’s music a step forward. The consistency of the album is prodigious, featuring a marvelous coherence of style throughout the five tracks that compose it. The balance between the different sonic elements is somewhat exquisite, showing very wide ranged sonic palettes that span from subtle textures, delicate pads and soft spacial fx to slightly groovy basses and complex percussive structures. A piece of musical art so expressive, genuine and beautiful that makes the listener’s mind wander across a vast universe of sonic imprints only limited by dreamed rules.


released August 10, 2011

Lyrics by Carlos Butler




Rildrim Spain

Ambient/Downtempo/Chill Out

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Track Name: Dreamed Rules
Poetry is a dialog
between meaning and sound
Ideas and music
Merged In alchemical bound

Impossible worlds of language
based on dreamed rules
where men become angels
and the stars turn into jewels

The word as a platform
to reach the unseen
An archaic will to give form
to what never has been
Track Name: Light Pipes
Light fragments
Filtered through the waves
Making visible the reefs
Under the water caves

Crystal pipes reflecting
And throbbing sun light
Dialectic interaction in which
Air and water seem to fight

There's a sense of eternity,
A feeling of peace
Coming from the ocean,
Floating with the breeze

Liquid stream of random patterns
And aquatic shapes
Replicating itself in cycles
And in multiple scales

In the vast solitude of the sea
Everything is in motion
Waves, blue, solitude...
Eternal landscapes of the ocean
Track Name: Iridescent Structures
Fluctuating cycles
of irrational will
Bound to something
unable to feel

A whisper of things
without name
Seeking for souls
to start a new game

Shadows of time
and empty space
Nature talks to us
Revealing her face

Like a visible breeze
of iridescent structures
We are all made
of reality fragments
Track Name: Traversing Time
The night brings twisted shapes
of forgotten things
distant voices traveling through the air
onto invisible wings

The Sun is alive
and has a mind of its own
the Earth is an idea
that has blossomed and grown

Planets consumed
by intergalactic storms
Signs of civilizations
traversing time, like space worms
Track Name: Lost in the Melody
Contempt... the only passion I have
What makes you worship
Makes me laugh

Drifting through hopeless
Nights without dreams
I found peace and freedom
within the silence realms

Eclipsed by the last lights
Of a life without sense
What makes you suffer
Makes me dance

Drawn by the love
To the distant things
And lost in the melody
Of the song that she sings