Breathing Beauty

by Rildrim



Breathing beauty is a musical tribute to nature as a source of inspiration and a perfect model to follow regarding creativity. The album was composed between July 2007 and April 2008 and is composed of six tracks of sublime beauty and peace in an attempt to recreate the mood of natural environments and the eloquent yet subtle expression of nature.


released June 1, 2007

Lyrics by Carlos Butler




Rildrim Spain

Ambient/Downtempo/Chill Out

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Track Name: Breathing Beauty
Color vapors
floating between us
Painting the air
with iridescent gas

into a crystal sphere
there's a sound
that none can hear

The music smells
like languid flowers
Unfolding ethereal
subliminal powers

Hidden harmonies
between unlike combinations
Giving rise to new worlds
and random mutations
Track Name: Magic Signs
Stones touched by the elements
the mountains softly sing
In an ancient dead tongue
older than the mighty spring.

New forms emerge from nothing
An echo slowly fades
Wide fields of evolving cycles
of light and gradual shades.

Floral like patterns spin in circles
forming luminescent rings
Like a grid of spinning satellites
connected by iridescent strings.
Track Name: Here and Now
Sunset of seamless
celestial bodies in motion
Diffuse ethereal sky strokes
floating over the ocean

Imprints of gulls dreams
fading across the tidal voices
near the edge of the visible
where the horizon rejoices

A cold winter still absent
freezes the shiny sand
warping the quiet surface
of the imagined land

The night breaks the geometry
of asymmetric evolving scenes
but the world is a mere stage
in which nothing is what it seems
Track Name: Flowers Tongue
Upon deep pits
of orgiastic confusion
we tend fragile
bridges of reason
And slaves of
immaterial masters
we seal the exit
of our own prison

Our terrified logic
in vane attempts
to preserve beauty
from horrid spoils
At intricate jungles
of fighting forces
where nymphs are raped
and the blood boils